Beratungsstelle für ausländische Beschäftigte in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
und zur Bekämpfung von Arbeitsausbeutung und Menschenhandel

Do you believe that you are exploited because you

• have to work off debts with the employer
• get paid far too little
• have to work extremely long hours
• risk your health while working
• are not allowed to see a doctor when you are sick
• have to hand over your passport/ID card
• are blackmailed or threatened at work
• are not allowed to talk or move freely
• get an extraordinary poor food or accommodation
• have been lured into through false promise

Human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation is a criminal offence in Germany. As a victim of human trafficking, forced labour and labour exploitation, you have special rights:

- Right to a 3-month reflection period: time to think about whether you want to testify to the police.
- Residence permit in Germany for the reflection period.
- Right to secure accommodation during the reflection period.
- Right to medical care during the reflection period.
- Right to money for living expenses during the reflection period.
- Right to confidential, free counselling in your language.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Tell us or write to us

- where you are

- how we recognise you

- how we can contact you

We will contact you discreetly. We inform, you decide, we help!

Tel.: 0049 385 6383293 (Monday to Friday 9 am - 1 pm)

In case of acute danger, call the emergency number of the police: 110.
On arrival, tell the police that you need to contact our counselling centre CORRECT!

We also advise you on your rights as an employee if you are not a victim of human trafficking. More